A Friend for Mole features an adorable Mole and his experiences after he decides to leave his cozy burrow. Struggling with his overwhelming fear of the unknown, Mole stumbles upon a young Wolf who is trying to conquer fears of his own. As they keep each other company and learn from one another, the two discover that friendship can be one of the strongest shields against fear.

Through Mole and Wolf's experiences, young readers learn that differences aren't necessarily weaknesses, and strengths are most powerful when used to help a friend. With simple but humorous text, and soft, bright illustrations to guide the way, the book is a gentle, fun journey through fear to friendship.

March 2016
Peachtree Publishers
Hardcover 32 pages
ISBN: 978-1-56145-865-3
Ages: 2-6 (Preschool - 1st grade)
Licensed: Korean and Chinese

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